BAD Investments



The rise of contrarian-ESG* funds are becoming more prevalent as regulators crack down on ESG fund managers, and the general investing public is seeing the cracks in the facade.
Fortunately, there’s one money manager that decided that B-A-D might be the better acronym for investors.

The BAD ETF (NYSE: BAD) launched last December and is taking a different stance in this green washed world focusing on 3 industries for which the ticker represents – B-A-D.

  • Betting – Casinos, gaming, and online gaming operations – 33%
  • Alcohol – Alcoholic beverage manufacturing and distribution – 23%
  • Drugs – Pharmaceutical and biotechnology product development and manufacturing – 33%
    • 10% Cannabis cultivators & distributors

The case for these BAD Industries remains strong for a simple yet important reason – they have historically offered attractive risk-adjusted returns. In addition to these industries overcoming government scrutiny, these industries have shown resilience during economic downturns because people tend to indulge in their vices, or what some call hobbies.  As a result, we believe these asset classes are typically underappreciated and therefore under-valued but the reality is that people will continue to consume alcohol, gamble, and need medicine in good times, and in BAD.  In regards to the betting and cannabis aspects, as these industries become more widely accepted socially and legally, they may offer investors additional growth as more states look to legalize those industries for additional tax revenues.

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*ESG is an approach to evaluating the extent to which a corporation works on behalf of the social goals that go beyond the role of a corporation to maximize profits on behalf of the corporation’s shareholders.



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